AquaRating: An international standard for assessing water and wastewater services aims to provide an industry standard for utilities worldwide.

The AquaRating standard has been designed to assess drinking water and wastewater utilities operating mainly in urban areas and located anywhere in the world. The main users of AquaRating are envisaged to be drinking water and wastewater utilities. Nevertheless, the system is also expected to be useful for other water sector stakeholders, such as financial institutions, development co-operation agencies, regulators and public authorities as, based on a transparent and public rating structure, it objectively assesses the main management elements of the services delivered by a utility within its allotted area.

AquaRating is expected to produce the following main benefits:

– Creation of an objective, independent and universal system by which to assess drinking water and wastewater utilities.

– Provision of complete and detailed analysis of utility performance.

– Identification of opportunities to improve utility performance, elaboration and monitoring of improvement plans.

– Establishment of utility reputation for performance and improvement.

– Improvement of access to financial and capacity-building resources offered by public authorities and financial institutions.

– Improvement of access to new markets for utilities rated highly for their performance and commitment to improving.

The innovative rating system seeks the improvement of the service delivered under the premise that utilities that are fully aware of their current standard of performance and that draw up and implement sound improvement plans will be likely to deliver services which are superior in terms of quality, efficiency, sustainability and transparency. 

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AquaRating Standard