What is AquaRating?

What is AquaRating?

AquaRating is a system based on an international standard for the evaluation and improvement of water and sanitation utilities. (Download AquaRating)

AquaRating offers a comprehensive and impartial evaluation of the utilities’ performance, based on indicators, best practices and reliable information. The basic goal of the rating system is evaluating the water and sanitation services in an integrated way through several assessment elements organized in 8 areas, providing a rating in each one of them.

The rating system fosters internal initiatives within the organization related to:

AquaRating was originated in 2008 by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and developed in close collaboration with the International Water Association (IWA), with the main goal of strengthening the water and sanitation sector around the world. The AquaRating Progam is funded by AquaFund

The main users of AquaRating are water and sanitation utilities. Nevertheless, the system is also useful for other stakeholders, such as financial institutions, development agencies, regulators and public authorities. (See results 2019)


Benefits for water and sanitation utilities

Integral evaluation of all areas and processes for water and sanitation utilities

Evaluation Areas


AquaRating Certification Cycle

The AquaRating Team supports the utility during the process

Additional information

What is the minimum rate required for the AquaRating?

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The objective of the rate is to identify main gaps and opportunities for improvement in all areas of the organization. Therefore, the objective is to focus on the AquaRating process regardless of the rating obtained.

What is the AquaRating Certification?

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The AquaRating Certification is an accreditation issued by the IDB and the IWA, which ensures that the AquaRating process has been completed by a water and sanitation utility after being audited by a third party. It has a validity of 3 years.

How long does the AquaRating take?

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The time required to complete the AquaRating varies in each case, considering the availability of the information and the documentation required.

Generally, the Preliminary Rating Cycle can take from 3 to 4 months and the Certification Cycle from 6 to 7 months.

How much does it cost to implement the AquaRating?

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An evaluation of each case is necessary to evaluate total cost of the process, as well as the financing mechanisms or subsidies that could apply in each country or region.

When can I start the AquaRating?

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The AquaRating can be started at any time, although it is recommended to start the process the first semester of the year in order to evaluate the immediately preceding year

Where has the AquaRating been implemented?

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AquaRating has been implemented in countries such as Argentina, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, El Salvador, Fiji, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, Mexico, among others.

Where can I get more information about AquaRating?

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To start the AquaRating process, please contact a representative of the IDB or the IWA in your country or through the website www.aquarating.org